New York City Reimagined So You Can See Inequality

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Aerial of New York CityAerial of New York City

Central Park Before

Central Park After

Harlem Before

Harlem After

I conceptualized and designed this project to show the extent of inequality in Manhattan.  We all know the some have more than others, but this project, I believe, puts the striking differences in perspective.

I was inspired to create this project after standing atop Mt. Washington in my hometown of Pittsburgh and looking at the Pittsburgh skyline. I thought to myself, what if you could actually see inequality? This relatively even landscape would look much different.

I chose to do Manhattan instead of Pittsburgh because I know that, for many people, moving to New York City is the start of their journey to achieve the American Dream. The American Dream suggests that if you work hard enough, you can achieve it. However, it’s clear that the landscape in order to achieve that dream is not as even and equal as it appears on the surface.

Thank you to Business Insider, Huffington Post, Mail Online, New York Daily News, The Atlantic Cities, Co.Exist, DailyFinance, New York Post, Wired, New York Business Journal, Curbed,, and more for publishing this project.

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