How Much Would It Cost to Be Great Gatsby?

Great Gatsby Final


$34,320,880 is the cost of being Gatsby for 1 year. The mansion and vehicles are fixed costs. The rest are variable costs. So, if you feel like extending your Gatsby lifestyle, you’ll have to increase your variable costs.

Great Gatsby takes place in 1922. Prohibition began in 1920, meaning Gatsby had only 2 years to amass his fortune from bootlegging. So, I felt that if you really wanted to live like Jay Gatsby, you’d have to do so for only 1 year.

A little over $34 million may seem like a low amount, but it’s an amount that is reasonable considering what’s in the book. In the book, Gatsby has about 5 large parties, which is why the cost of the parties is not as large as one may think.

I generally do not like making infographics. However, I felt that with the right combination of art and research, I could make a compelling visual. Thank you to Yelena Lamm for her art work, which I feel made the entire visual.

Thank you to Business Insider, The Daily Ticker, HuffingtonPost, Mail Online, Mashable, BuzzFeed, and more for publishing this work. Here’s HuffPost Live talking about the infographic here:

And thank you to The Daily Ticker for the interview as well.

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